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New Functionality – Counter Sales

iMetal New Functionality – Counter Sales

Many metal distribution centres have a requirement to process cash or credit sales from a formal sales counter environment. Historically this is implemented using standard iMetal functionality, which requires the production of picking and dispatch notes making the counter sales process longer than it could be.

iMetal has been enhanced with two new modules, the counters sales module and sales order invoicing.

Counter Sales What Does It Do For Me?

This functionality provides the option to record the payment details at sales order entry and produce the sales invoice upon completion of the order without having to force the order through the dispatch modules. This makes the flow is slick and efficient, which is needed in a counter sales environment. The module also has the facility to be interfaced with cash registers.

If material does need to be delivered, payment can be recorded in advance and the order pushed into the standard delivery processes.  The same flexibility exists should the material need processing before being collected (or delivered).

“Cash On Delivery” flows are also supported in this module, with the system ensuring that the appropriate payment has been made before the transactions are allowed through to the finance system.

Functionality Includes

  • Set customers to default as counter sales customers
  • Define controls regarding minimum payment percentage for counter sales customers in order to release cash sales orders.
  • Maintenance of cash registers allowing companies to define which users are allowed to to raise point of sale orders and make payments against them.
  • Ability to select customers when recording cash sale by the customer telephone number
  • Ability to print a sales invoice before completing the sale
  • Facility to record payment details for the counter sale, of various types (e.g. “Card”, “Cash”, “Paypal”, etc.)
  • Enforce a minimum deposit / payment percentage (which may be 100%) on a customer-by-customer basis
  • Production of Sales Invoice and Posting to the accounts system without having to produce despatch documentation
  • Interfaces to cash registers
  • Enhanced sales enquiries to list counter sales and outstanding monies
  • Enhanced sales reports to list counter sales and outstanding monies
  • Reconciliation reports to aid the daily till reconciliation processes

For more information please contact your customer services team.

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