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Dell Computers

Dell computers and electronics are synonymous with versatility, durability, expandability and convenience. Dell continuously offers innovative and stylish computers and technologies, with each generation becoming faster, smaller and more durable. Computers and electronics are adapted to best meet the needs of the consumer and to create a one-of-a-kind computing experience. Dell offers a large selection of configurable and upgradable computers and electronics at competitive industry prices.


Jaspersoft empowers millions of people every day to make better decisions faster by bringing them timely, actionable data inside their apps and business processes. Its embeddable, cost-effective reporting and analytics platform allows anyone to quickly self serve and get the answers they need and scales architecturally and economically to reach everyone. Thanks to a community that is hundreds-of-thousands strong, Jaspersoft’s commercial open source software has been downloaded millions of times and is used to create the intelligence inside hundreds of thousands of apps and business processes. Jaspersoft is a privately held company with offices around the world.

Llamasoft - End-to-End Supply Chain Optimization Software

LLamasoft enables organizations around the world to model and optimize their supply chain operations for major improvements in cost, service, sustainability and risk mitigation. Their team of industry-leading supply chain experts and consultants are driven to make supply chain optimization easier, better and faster.

Offering continued innovatation with an aggressive development roadmap including new solutions for supply chain visibility, planning, and predictive analytics.

PSL Optimization Software

PSL is a specialized software solutions company that has been developing advanced systems for the manufacturing and distribution industries for more than twenty years.


Sage – 300 Financials

Sage 300 is designed for the global marketplace and for international companies of all sizes. It can easily be rolled out to multiple installations due to its web-based capabilities, strong consolidation tools and multi-currency functionality. It’s available in many different languages and is represented in over 70 countries. Available in three editions which share the same architecture and code base, upgrading as your business grows.

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