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New Release – MCMS 6.0

MCMS 6.0 Summary of New Features

The current revision of Metal Center Management System (MCMS) is MCMS 6.0.4. Following is a list of some of the major features that are available from MCMS 6.0 through update 4 released between 2019 and 2023. Please see the webinars and documents on our website for more features and detail

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Accounts Payable

  • Easier A/P Invoice and Check Entry programs.
  • New payment methods for vendors: ACH, electronic payments, and credit cards. All payments interface with Bank Reconciliation if installed.
  • A/P procedure manual can be accessed from the menu.
  • Inactive vendors. Vendors can be flagged as inactive so the historical activity is maintained.
  • Rebuild the vendor average days to pay as of a particular date. [A/P 8.0 Update 1]
  • Prints the new 1099-NEC (tax year 2020) form in addition to the 1099-MISC. [A/P 8.0 Update 1]
  • User-defined forms can be printed to a CSV file [A/P 8.0 Update 2]

Accounts Receivable

  • 7-digit A/R invoice numbers (was 6).
  • Improved automatic cash entry.
  • Inactive part numbers. Parts can be flagged as inactive so the historical activity is maintained.
  • The average days to pay can be recalculated as of a number of months or years in the past automatically during month-end. [Update 1]

Order Entry and Quotes

  • Inactive customers and ship-to addresses. Customers can be flagged as inactive so the historical activity is maintained.
  • The customer inquiry can show information for a single ship-to customer or all. [MCMS 6.0]. More information can also be displayed with the “more Dtl” function. [Update 1]
  • Predefined comments can be added to orders from the Customer/Ship-To and/or for the Terms.
  • Stricter sales tax resale ID rules and tracking the tax authority by the tax location. [Update 1]
  • Customer parts can now be generic for all customers, and price scheduling is available for customer parts. [Update 1]
  • Can now view the Customer Form Fields and the fields can be labelled, making it easier to use. [Update 1]
  • Shipping Entry can view the allocations. [Update 1]
  • Invoice Print can designate to always print in the customer alpha order instead of by the customer number. [Update 1]
  • The sales journal reports can be printed to a CSV file that is properly formatted to view in Excel or another spreadsheet. [Update 2]
  • The email address assigned to the order is displayed in the quote, order, and invoice inquiries. [Update 4]


  • Expanded heat number to 18 characters (was 12).
  • New transfer history inquiry.
  • Inventory Lot Inquiry see the tag transactions [Update 1]. New sort options on this inquiry [Update 3].
  • The inventory usage and inventory status reports can be printed to a CSV file that is properly formatted to view in Excel or another spreadsheet [Update 2].
  • The warehouse can now be 4 digits (was 3). Having more available warehouse numbers helps companies with many branches so that the warehouse ranges can be kept organized by branch. [Update 4]


  • Improved vendor/purchase order inquiry.
  • P/O line information windows to see previous buys for the material.
  • Allocations for purchase orders are now moved to on-hand inventory based on the promise date instead of based on the order number. [Update 3]

Document Management

  • The DMS files can be converted to be in SQL. [DMS 5.0]
  • A template file may now be defined for each System/Type in DMS. This is a default file that can be automatically added to DMS by a user. The template can be an Excel file, a text file, or any other type that you have defined. [DMS 5.10]
  • A default “Doc/No Doc” message can be defined in the Control file, and a default window title can be defined in the System file. Since DMS can use the screen entities defined in the Program Screen Definition file that is part of utilities, DMS can now be run without having to setup a Program Interface for each program. This requires that the System file is linked to an entity. [DMS 5.10]
  • A new program (DMHKDD) has been added that will allow the user to set up a hotkey to display a certain System/Type document if the entity related to the system is displayed on the current screen. [DMS 5.10]
  • The report title is stored in DMS so you can see more specifics of each report when inquiring. [DMS 5.10]


  • Emails can be queued rather than sent immediately so that programs that email will run faster. In addition, the user can see the emails sent and fix any email addresses that are invalid. There are features to either resend or delete all that have an error status.
  • Emails can now be sent in HTML format. This is helpful if you want to include formatted text or graphics in the main body of the email message. [Update 4]


When new contacts are added, the program now tells you if that contact was already entered based on the email address. The contact inquiry from Order Entry now also shows the email address on the main inquiry. [Update 4]

Bank Reconciliation

  • The Bank Reconciliation system allows bank transactions to be reconciled with a bank statement either manually or automatically by using a downloaded file from the bank.
  • SQL reporting is no longer required; instead, reports from the menu are available: Bank Reconciliation Report and Bank Transaction List. [Update 3]
  • The entry and update programs can be run from MCMS (previously only from MetalCentric). [Update 3]

General Ledger

The G/L Year-End Closing program has been changed to make the prompts clearer, to protect against closing early, to protect against closing without a saved backup, and to allow the company to be closed when there are unposted journals in the new year. [Update 3]


  • Code 128 is now supported, in addition to Code 39.
  • There is a new Inventory Warehouse Transfer program for the barcode reader that allows material to be transferred immediately to a new warehouse.


  • Companies, users, default printer, printer groups, security groups, are now maintained in files for each user. There is an easy interface for a user to change their default printer.
  • User spool files can display more of the report title. [Update 3]
  • New activity tracking hotkey inquiry (CCACHK). A hotkey can be set up so that you can easily see the activity tracking for a particular entity displayed on the screen (e.g., see the activity for a specific sales order).
  • There are new inquiries for both active jobs (UTIQJB) and active locks (UTIQLK). [Update 3]

Web Interface

Order lines can now be created based on a customer part, which means that both fabrications and predefined comments can be entered. [Update 3]

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