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MCMS 6.0 Update 2 Brings Fresh Ideas to the Program

To adapt to our clients’ needs, we continue to update MCMS to improve its functionality and efficiency. Here are some of the big changes with MCMS 6.0 update 2.

The sales tax resale ID has been relocated. Previously, the resale ID was found in the “customer” and “ship-to customer” files. It has been moved to a new file called “tax exempt” where the resale IDs will all be organized by customer/state. 

Orders and quote entry will continue to work as they have previously – tax authority can still be based on the “customer” and “ship-to customer” files. However, a new option is to use the “tax location” file.

Among the other new updates to the order entry and quotes sections of MCMS are the ability to add predefined comments for new orders, a customer inquiry option, a few customer maintenance changes, and more. 

The 6.0 Update 2 also brings changes to accounts receivable (invoice history for MC Connect reports), inventory transfers, accounts payable, bank account maintenance, document management, and emailing. 

For a full description of the changes in MCMS 6.0 Update 2, click here.

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