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JMS New International Phone System


We are pleased to announce our successful implementation of our new Wildix Phone system. This major upgrade has been in the works for some time and has successfully been launched in our global environment. 

As part of the integration of the JMS brands and ever expanding geography of our team members, one of the key elements was to centralise our communications and systems. January 2023 saw the introduction of our multinational telephone system bringing the JMS teams together. Considered a successful implementation by the team and more importantly our customers, the new phone system is the latest step towards ensuring our customers continue to experience the best possible service.

 The merge onto one telephony platform has instantly increased JMS capacity to first continue our first-class service to our end users and wherever possible, enhance it. With all communication methods in one place and real time visibility of colleagues, the platform has also helped to increase collaboration across the teams which span over 3 continents.

 JMS looks forward to moving onto phase two with the implementation of an internal, centralised core system which is due to commence in the coming weeks, and the benefits to customers that will continue to grow.

Many thanks to Steve Fairnington and his team for all the effort they put into this successful launch.

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