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Favourites menu

You can create your own Favourites menu by selecting the applications from the menu tree. You can add the applications and reports, that you need to use for your tasks, to your Favourites without looking for them in the system menu tree.

  • Find the item in the menu tree and click on the right button of the mouse on the menu item.
  • Select the menu item option “Add Menu Item To Favourites”.
  • The selected application will appear under the Favourites menu at the top of the System Menu tree.




Menu search

If you are not sure where a particular application or report is located in the system menu, now you can search for it. Simply type in the keywords to the menu search field and matching menu entries will dynamically be listed in the dropdown.

You can reduce the list size by entering more precise keywords. For example, instead of “Sales”, if you type in “Sales I”, all the applications and reports containing “Sales I” in their names will be populated in the dropdown.

Press Enter key or use the mouse to click on the list item to run the application.

Grouping shipment documents as a pack, printing and sending document packs

Some customers may want to receive documents such as certificates of conformity, mill certificates, bills of lading, etc. together with the shipment. Printing each of those documents from different applications is already possible. iMetal v4.5 centralized printing of all those documents by creating a document pack containing them.

The user can print all the documents together and include them with the shipment, or send the documents by email to the customer. Multiple documents will be combined into a single email if possible (depending on the maximum email size that is supported by the customer).

Importing Advance Shipment Notifications

Several mills or suppliers send advance shipment notifications to their customers before delivering the goods in various formats, such as EDI, spreadsheets. or text files Such notifications help the customer get ready for the shipment and enter the Goods Inwards records in advance.

As there is no standard format and structure used by all suppliers, each company may need to use a template spreadsheet to copy the data from the file sent by the supplier.

Companies can create such spreadsheets to extract the data from the supplier files and place them into the spreadsheet. Our Professional Services can also help you create such spreadsheets and define the procedure to collate the data from the supplier files.

iMetal 4.5 provides a transition database to import such spreadsheets into the system. Such spreadsheets are validated and imported to this database first to make sure that the data are in the correct format and contain the key fields. Afterwards, those records are converted into Goods Inwards records.

Creating multiple back-to-back purchase inquiries and orders for multiple sales order items

Some companies want to get quotes from their suppliers for the items they sell to the customers when creating the sales order. Therefore they use back-to-back purchase inquiries or purchase orders.

If there are many items in the sales order and if there are multiple suppliers to create such back-to-back requests for each order item, it may take time to create those back-to-back requests.

In iMetal v4.5, this problem has been addressed by allowing the user to select multiple order items and selecting a supplier to assign the order items as back-to-back requests, and repeat the same by selecting another supplier.

In each case, different item sets can also be assigned to different suppliers. For example, order items 1, 2, and 3 can be sent to supplier A, and items 2, 4, and 5 can be sent to supplier B. When all back-to-back assignments are completed, the user can generate actual back-to-back requests at once for all.

Additional sales cost validations when converting a quote to an order

The new feature allows companies to invoke additional rules for checking cost margins when converting sales inquiries to sales orders.

It will be possible to set a minimum gross profit delivery threshold, minimum gross profit collection threshold, minimum order weight threshold, and minimum order total margin threshold.

Additionally, there is also a change in Transport Charge Type codes where the user will be able to select collection or delivery as the transport type so that the correct margin value for the type could be selected.

When converting the sales inquiry to a sales order these thresholds and transport charge types will be taken into consideration and if the thresholds are violated the user will be notified.

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